Media in an Extreme World

We are Pistyll Productions

Our mission is to capture the moments that take your breath away.

Our passion is to travel to the corners of the world documenting the simplicity of nature in our own creative way.


Huw Butterworth

Born and raised in West wales, Huw’s passion for adventure was nurtured from a young age. A love for the extreme, lead Huw to kayaking at 8 years old. This passion for exploration and discovery has lead Huw around the world and allowed him to find his new base in Ötztal, not only chasing the rush but also capturing others doing the same.


Andy Kettlewell

Originally from Bedford, England, Andy moved to Wales to pursue his passion of kayaking. Andy learnt to paddle at a young age, this gave an outlet for creative adventure. After competing in Canoe Slalom he turned to traveling with a creek kayak to paddle some of the most extreme rivers across the world and documenting his travels along the way.


John Haines

Growing up in rural Wales always gave lots of opportunity for adventure, starting kayaking at 12 just added to that adventurous side. John now resides in Ötztal, Austria which gives everyday a new venture for getting out and creating content.


How we have built our skills

We have a passion for the outdoors

We’ve played in the mud since we were in nappies, not much has changed since then, other than we eat a lot less mud now. 

We document our adventures
No matter how big or small we always carry our camera gear to shoot our day out. We refine of our skills out in the big wide world on our adventures.
We love being extreme 
We have a passion for extreme kayaking and adventure that takes us to the most unexplored parts of the world. 

Photography and Videography 

Photography and videography are the lasting memories that can be challenging to capture in these unique environments. 
Shooting in the outdoors can prove challenging to get the perfect setting, weather and lighting.
Let us focus on the details to get the best shot imaginable.

Ariel Footage

Our drones can capture unique angles of any setting. We don’t compromise on quality whilst in the air, with full HD slow-motion or crisp 4K footage.


We love straying off the beaten path, let us join you on your adventure and capture the breath-taking moments.

Post Production

Post production can be your worst enemy and time consuming. Let us take care of all your post production work flow and leave you to enjoy the final product.

Corporate and Commercials

We know the value of good advertising to enhance your business and attract customers. Let us work together to create unique publicity.


With our own competitive background we know the triumphs and hardships of sport. Let us record the magical moments that can take you back to the special memories.

Documentary and Travel

Use our experience in the outdoors to help frame the shots that speak a thousand words and tell your story. 

Our Clients

Each client we work with puts us to a different challenge, without challenge there would be no progression.





The Sustainable Collection from Pistyll Productions focuses on the things we value most, excellent quality, stylish designs, eco friendly production and helping charities close to our hearts. All of our merchandise is hand printed by paddlers, for charity awareness, using ethically sourced garments and water based (plastic free) inks.

‘Simply Pistyll’ Range

The ‘Simply Pistyll’ range combines the slick Pistyll Productions logo in collaboration with Save Our Rivers. A percentage of profits gets donated to help keep these activists keep rivers running freely.

‘Seasons’ Range

After the success of the ‘Simply Pistyll’ range we were set on creating some unique designs of our own to help give back to some other charities we want to support, each t-shirt is unique in design and charity. 



Creativity starts from the eye of the beholder and we can’t wait to help bring your next idea to life!